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Ferdis is the music personal project of Fernando Martínez Estradé, from Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain). Everything is cooked in Ferdis´ home studio – from composition to recording, production, and mastering.

The sound of Ferdis  is mainly based on rock guitars but has also strips of Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop, Indie and even Metal. Ferdis often relies on colleagues to help him with the vocals and lyrics.

The last 30th of May 2017, Ferdis released his debut album, Arbuchit.

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ABOUT THE ALBUM – WHY ARBUCHIT? Arbua was the first word pronounced by my daughter Claudia. From this time I began to call her Arbua affectionately, and the word was evolving into Arbuchit. The album is dedicated to my little Arbuchit. During the last 10 years I have learned recording and production music techniques and at the same time, I have been recording the songs that came to my mind and building my home studio. I have put together all those songs into an album, where the different styles that have marked me during my life are somehow reflected, saving, of course the distances with the original bands. Progressive Rock / Post Rock Bands like OpethPorcupine TreeAnathemaKatatoniaLong Distance CallingGod is An AstronautSteven Wilson o Dream Theater are the ones that I listen to more often currently and their influence can be appreciated in the songs ArbuchitTal Vez Te Estas Haciendo MayorLittle Brunette or En Tu Ausencia. Spanish Indie Rock Spanish Indie Rock also like me a lot, I have tried to reflect the influence of bands like Los PlanetasVetusta MorlaSupersubmarina or Love of Lesbian in the songs Cuando Eramos Jóvenes and Tal Vez Te Estas Haciendo Mayor. Alternative Rock Alternative rock marked me a lot in my teens. The songs Vuelve a Llover and The Third Day represents that time where I listened to and love bands like Nirvana, SuedeSonic YouthPlacebo, Radiohead, Stone RosesPixies or Smashing Pumpkins. Pop Rock / Brit Pop I’ve heard that style a lot too. Some of the bands that have influenced me most are MuseHeroes del SilencioU2Kent o Keane and the songs that represent that style are The Third Day and Mi Ultima Curva. For example in the verse of the song Tal Vez Te Estas Haciendo Mayor I tried to emulate the sound of Cien Gaviotas by Duncan Dhu, one of my favorites bands in my teens. Heavy Metal Heavy Metal also marked a long period of my life, especially during the years I played in the band Leyenda. That influence is reflected in Te Toca Insistir and En tu Ausencia, last one recorded with Leyenda, in fact, for the album A Medianoche. At that time I was fascinated by bands like Angra, Avantasia, Edenbridge, Dio, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions or Metallica.

PERSONAL MESSAGE I do not have a record label or any support, so you as a reader, I do not know how you got here, but in case you like my music, you’re the only one who can help me, listening to the album, buying it or spreading it among your friends, social networks etc., which I will thank you in the soul. When someone asks me what my style is, being such a varied range of influences, as described above, I never know what to say, perhaps the good one is Progressive Pop/Rock? Become a fan of Ferdis on social networks.


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