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Pablo, this one is for you!

Portada Maqueta Estacion Sur

I don’t know if you know the band called Lagarto Amarillo. When I was 16 and in high school, I met a couple of guys that were passionate for the same music I was: Heroes del Silencio, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Pablo sang, played acoustic guitar and was the soul leader. Domené had a weakness for bass guitar, and I took my first steps with some solos on the electric guitar. We completed the band with “El Pera” at the drums. This was the beginning of our first band: Estación Sur.

We put all our effort, enthusiasm and time for a few years in the band. They were magical years in which we rehearsed in Pablo´s garage. We recorded our first demos, stepped on our first recording studio and gave some concerts in venues well known then such as Oh! Madrid. We were only 16 years old and we had the whole world in front of us. I have some really fond memories of that time in which we lived unforgettable moments.

Estacion Sur 1  Estacion Sur 2

Unfortunately the group ended up separating and each of us taking a different musical direction. Pablo created Lagarto Amarillo years later with his brother and sister, José María and Patricia. He has since pursued his musical dream with perseverance, tenacity and far from few troubles.

As Pablo´s a good friend, I would like to give him the applause he deserves after fighting for so long in the perseverance of his music dream. It seems like fate is finally showing up at his doorstep:
- Nominated among the 5 revelation groups 2012 top 40
- More than 800,000 hits on his Youtube video: Dejarse la piel

Here come a couple of music samples from them. I hope you enjoy:

Pablo, this one is for you!